There are many milestones that take place in one’s life. From the day they graduate to their wedding day, humans have so many reasons to celebrate. Let’s look a person’s wedding. A wedding is an event in which two people, who love each other, vow to live the rest of their lives together. It’s a big celebration in which them and their loved one’s celebrate this auspicious union. While planning a wedding, as any other event, the venue is an extremely important aspect. Wedding venues are usually dependent on a person’s ideal venue and on the type of wedding they want. However, in a broad sense many people choose between wedding grounds and wedding halls. Let’s take an example of the city of Mumbai and see how to choose between wedding grounds in Mumbai or wedding halls in Mumbai.

Let’s look at wedding grounds in Mumbai first. Wedding grounds usually have more space and are able to accommodate more guests. However, they are also in the outskirts and are more difficult to reach. Since it’s just a ground, the ability to decorate according to one’s likes and dislikes is much more. They are also usually cheaper. However, a wedding ground may not come with other quality amenities like toilets, caterers and more. For a big fat wedding, wedding grounds are the perfect option.

Next, we have wedding halls in Mumbai. Wedding halls are usually more centrally located and are easier to locate. But because of their location and their solid structure, wedding halls are expensive. A wedding hall is already pre-decorated, so choosing a completely new look might not be possible. Wedding halls have better service and better security and might include amenities like toilets, caterers etc. but usually do not have a lot of space. So, if you’re looking for a smaller and more expensive wedding, then wedding halls are perfect.

Whatever you choose, wedding halls or wedding grounds, just remember to celebrate big!



People all over the world feel happiness every day. This happiness can be caused by small events in one’s life like passing a driving test or a big event like getting engaged. Whatever the reason, people often celebrate this happiness with others by throwing a party or an event. A party is a social gathering in which a group of people come together to eat, drink and create memories. From birthday parties to cocktail parties, there are many types of parties people throw, depending on the social event being celebrated. Let’s take a closer look at cocktail parties.

A cocktail party is basically a party in which cocktails are served and it is held as a social mixer. From specific cocktail party venues to a very specific cocktail party menu, there are a lot of intricate details that go into it. One of the most important aspects that everyone starts with is the venue. Choosing between the right cocktail party venues is dependent on many aspects from the location to the price. First is the location. It is very important to choose a venue that is located centrally and is easily accessible by people. For example, if you’re looking at cocktail party venues in Mumbai, then it would be a good idea to look at places that are in the centre of the city. However, the outskirts would be cheaper and work well too. Whatever place you choose, make sure you give clear directions to your guests. Second is the ambience. Cocktail parties have a very specific ambience and this should come across in your venue. Third is the price. Make sure the venue is not too expensive and that it does not reduce your budget for other decorations.

With all these points in mind, whether you’re looking for cocktail party venues in Mumbai or New York, you’re bound to find the perfect one!


Everyday people all around the world celebrate. Celebrations happen when something positive happens in one’s life and they want to share the happiness with the one’s they love. Celebrations are an everyday occurrence and can be big or small. You might be celebration because you’re getting married to your soul mate or maybe because your exams are finally over. Whatever the reason, people love to celebrate as celebrations bring with them a lot of happiness.

One of the biggest events that happens in one’s life is their wedding. This happens when someone finds their soul mate, someone they connect with and someone they want to spend the rest of their life with. Weddings are often a grand affair and a lot of money and time goes into planning it according to the bride and grooms wishes and likes. There are many things to consider while planning a wedding but one the first things to decide between are the wedding venues. Since the wedding market is booming, there is a lot of places to choose from, from affordable wedding venues to luxury wedding venues. How does one choose? Here is a list of things that will help.

First, look at wedding venues that have a central location. Make sure your guests will able to locate and reach the venue easily. Second is the cost. If you’re looking for affordable wedding venues, make sure that the place does not skimp of the quality of service just because of the reduction in price. Last, make sure that the place you choose has good staff & service. Choose a place that will be able to help you arrange last minute changes & more.

Keep all these points in mind and you will surely be able to get wedding venues that meet all your boxes and will make a memorable wedding!


People celebrate something every day. Celebrations can be big or small. You can celebrate because you finally lost those last 2 kilos or maybe it’s because you’re getting married. There are so many things that bring happiness to us every day and so many reasons to spread happiness. One of the most pivotal and life changing moments in a person’s life is their wedding. Finding someone who loves you and wants to spend the rest of their life with you is an event that has to be celebrated. Weddings can be intimate or a grand affair and includes everything from the engagement to the actual wedding ceremony. Whatever it is, it all begins with the perfect venue.  Let’s take a look at weddings particularly in Mumbai, India.

If you’re looking for wedding venues in Mumbai keep these 2 points in mind. First, Mumbai can get hot and very humid and this is not ideal weather for a wedding party. So you should definitely look into ac banquet halls in Mumbai while choosing a place. Second, since the city is so big, make sure you’re venue is easily accessible from all parts of the city. Whether you’re looking for wedding or engagement halls in Mumbai, here are a few rules to follow. Frist, choose a place that fits within your budget and doesn’t break the bank. Second, choose a place that has been recommended by trusted one’s and has a good service. Third, choose a venue that meets your guest’s requirements. Get a place that will be able to accommodate extra guests and won’t look to empty if guests don’t come. Finally, choose a place that fits the vibe of your wedding.

So if you’re looking for wedding or engagement halls in Mumbai, just keep these guidelines in mind and you will be able to choose the perfect venue for your perfect match!


The first and earliest instance of a big celebration someone has in the life is during their birthday. You must remember being a child and your parents making a big deal of your turning older every year. Once you grow older and start having your own experiences, your reasons to celebrate become more & more and happiness becomes easier to find. In that world, your small celebrations become an occurrence daily and big celebrations are extravagant. One instance is that of your wedding. When you get married, you find your soul mate and someone you want to spend the rest of your life with. Many people while planning the wedding get too involved and stressed by the grandiosity of the entire experience and may end up feeling overwhelmed. So, read these tips to help yourself out.

One of the biggest aspects of a wedding is the location. Whether you’re looking for wedding grounds in Mumbai or New York, there is always a need to do thorough research on the type of place you want. This can be a ground or a hall, it all depends on you. The second thing to look at is the price. Halls tend to be costlier due to all the added services. So, if you’re looking for something sleeker, be it wedding banquets in Mumbai or Sydney, make sure it is within your budget. The next thing you need to remember is the location. Pick a place that is central. For example, if you’re looking at wedding grounds in Mumbai, they might be in the outskirts of the city, which might be hard to locate, but if you’re looking at wedding banquets in Mumbai, these are usually available in the prime locations. Whatever you choose, give the right instructions. And last, choose a place that can fit your guests easily. With all these points in mind, you’ll easily be able to choose the perfect venue for your perfect wedding!

How To Choose The Perfect Party Place

All over the world, people experience happiness every day. And this happiness needs to be celebrated. Celebrations can range from small celebrations like getting an A on a test or big celebrations like your wedding. One of the most popular ways on celebrating is throwing a party. Parties can be a gathering on 3 or of 300. They can be big or small, but are a party as long as people are having. While choosing venues for parties, people look through many places. From banquet halls for parties to big fields for parties, there are many places one can choose. While looking for places, there are some points that everyone should keep in mind.

First, find a place that is easily located. For example, if you’re booking banquet halls for weddings, there will be a large number of guests involved. So make sure that you get a place that is easily accessible by everyone. This usually means a venue that is in the central part of the city. If your venue is not centrally located, then make sure that you give good directions to people, so that they can find you easily. Second, make sure that your venue is affordable. Suppose you’re looking through banquet halls for weddings, make sure that the venue does not strain your pocket. There are many expenses one has to take apart from the venue, so keep that in mind. Third, make sure that the place you choose has a good reputation. This does not mean it has to be the most expensive venue out there. But it should have the service you’re paying for.

So, the next time you’re looking for party venues, be it banquet halls for parties or big open areas, make sure you keep these points in mind. Party smart, party hard!

The Most Inviting Marriage Hall in Mumbai

Marriage is one of the most important decisions we make in life. So selecting a marriage hall should be of utmost importance too. For an occasion you’ll remember for the rest of your life, the venue should be as memorable. 18.99 Latitude Banquets is one such place where the significance of a marriage is deeply understood. The place reciprocates with refined service quality that’ll make your marriage reception special.

The place is special on its own account. It is uniquely pillar-less, so that your guests can dance, move around freely, with no hindrance at all. It would be a wonderful vista of celebration. To make it more exquisite, the halls are acoustically treated, so that the music sounds as grand as your wedding. The host’s voice won’t be garbled as well, because of the refined acoustics. There’s also a state-of-the-art A/V system in place, to give the audience a clear view on the big screen.

20,000 sq. ft. of pillar-less space with the preference of opting for smaller venues, gives a multifaceted face to 18.99 Latitude Banquets. For a big audience or small, this is the perfect place. There’s an in-house catering service in place which churns out exquisite cuisine to please every palate. You can opt for the in-house brand Dadi Ma No Vaarso to serve you authentic Gujarati cuisine that’ll give a special culinary touch to the entire occasion. There’s a separate, elaborate Jain kitchen heeding to the food sentiments of the versatile Mumbai crowd, making this the most unique marriage hall in Mumbai.

Marriage hall rates in Mumbai are skyrocketing, but you needn’t worry about booking rates here because we are totally affordable. You don’t have to compromise on quality either as we have incorporated top notch services. 18.99 Latitude Banquets is centrally located in Lower Parel, which makes commuting a breeze.