A person’s life is usually divided into two broad aspects – Personal & Professional. A person’s personal life refers to their family life and their internal relationships with their family, friends and partners. A person’s professional life on the other hand refers to their life at work and their relationships with their colleagues, boss and clients. Both are equally important and should be in balance. Let’s take a closer look at one’s professional life.

In one’s work life, there are many aspects that can make it successful and one of these in corporate events. If you’re in a senior position then you might be faced with the prospect of throwing a corporate event which can range from a meeting to a product launch. But to throw a proper event you must have good venue. While looking for the best corporate venue one must keep in mind many things. For example, imagine that you’re looking for corporate venues in Mumbai. The first thing you should keep in mind is the location. There will be places that are available in the city and in the outskirts. Depending on the type of event, you can choose the location. However, make sure that whatever place you choose, you are able to give clear instructions to the visitors. Second thing to look into is cost. Since it is the company cost that is being spent, make sure that the venue fits into the budget and all your needs are met in that budget. Third is ambience. Make sure that since it is a corporate event the place you choose has a professional vibe. All these points will help you choose the best corporate venue.

So, whether you’re looking for corporate venues in Mumbai or London, keep these points in mind and you’ll be able to throw the event of a lifetime!



People celebrate something every day. Celebrations can be big or small. You can celebrate because you finally lost those last 2 kilos or maybe it’s because you’re getting married. There are so many things that bring happiness to us every day and so many reasons to spread happiness. One of the most pivotal and life changing moments in a person’s life is their wedding. Finding someone who loves you and wants to spend the rest of their life with you is an event that has to be celebrated. Weddings can be intimate or a grand affair and includes everything from the engagement to the actual wedding ceremony. Whatever it is, it all begins with the perfect venue.  Let’s take a look at weddings particularly in Mumbai, India.

If you’re looking for wedding venues in Mumbai keep these 2 points in mind. First, Mumbai can get hot and very humid and this is not ideal weather for a wedding party. So you should definitely look into ac banquet halls in Mumbai while choosing a place. Second, since the city is so big, make sure you’re venue is easily accessible from all parts of the city. Whether you’re looking for wedding or engagement halls in Mumbai, here are a few rules to follow. Frist, choose a place that fits within your budget and doesn’t break the bank. Second, choose a place that has been recommended by trusted one’s and has a good service. Third, choose a venue that meets your guest’s requirements. Get a place that will be able to accommodate extra guests and won’t look to empty if guests don’t come. Finally, choose a place that fits the vibe of your wedding.

So if you’re looking for wedding or engagement halls in Mumbai, just keep these guidelines in mind and you will be able to choose the perfect venue for your perfect match!


The first and earliest instance of a big celebration someone has in the life is during their birthday. You must remember being a child and your parents making a big deal of your turning older every year. Once you grow older and start having your own experiences, your reasons to celebrate become more & more and happiness becomes easier to find. In that world, your small celebrations become an occurrence daily and big celebrations are extravagant. One instance is that of your wedding. When you get married, you find your soul mate and someone you want to spend the rest of your life with. Many people while planning the wedding get too involved and stressed by the grandiosity of the entire experience and may end up feeling overwhelmed. So, read these tips to help yourself out.

One of the biggest aspects of a wedding is the location. Whether you’re looking for wedding grounds in Mumbai or New York, there is always a need to do thorough research on the type of place you want. This can be a ground or a hall, it all depends on you. The second thing to look at is the price. Halls tend to be costlier due to all the added services. So, if you’re looking for something sleeker, be it wedding banquets in Mumbai or Sydney, make sure it is within your budget. The next thing you need to remember is the location. Pick a place that is central. For example, if you’re looking at wedding grounds in Mumbai, they might be in the outskirts of the city, which might be hard to locate, but if you’re looking at wedding banquets in Mumbai, these are usually available in the prime locations. Whatever you choose, give the right instructions. And last, choose a place that can fit your guests easily. With all these points in mind, you’ll easily be able to choose the perfect venue for your perfect wedding!

How To Throw The Best Cocktail Party

Every day people around the world are celebrating. Whether it’s a promotion or a birthday, there’s always a reason to celebrate life. It can be a group of 3 or of 300, there’s no limit to where a party can go. But to throw the right party, you need the right venue. Every venue changes according to the party you want to throw. From cocktail party venues to wedding party venues, there’s a whole range of places to choose from. Let’s take a closer look at cocktail parties. The inventor of cocktail parties, Alec Waugh, created the tradition of social mixers which could be casual or corporate. If you’re planning to throw a cocktail party, there are many things to consider.

First, make sure while choosing between cocktail party venues, you choose one that is best suited to your needs. Take into consideration the size of the venue and make sure it will be able to host all your guests. Also, make sure the venue is within your budget, and that you will be able to afford any mishaps that may happen. Second, drinks. It’s very important to take into account different guests preferences. Since a cocktail party is usually an intimate affair, you should be able to curate a menu that meets everyone’s tastes. Have everything from juices to hard liquor. Third, food.  Even though a cocktail party signifies an abundance of drinks, you must give importance to the food and the menu. Choose a selection of finger food, so that it’s easy for the guests to eat. Also keep in mind the vegetarian and non-vegetarian choices of your guests.

So, whenever you’re planning your next party and if you’re looking for cocktail party venues in Mumbai or Delhi, make sure that you keep all these points in mind. Throwing a good party is an art!