Reception Venues That Fit Your Pocket

You could turn your head anywhere and find a banquet hall lurking in the corner. That’s how jam packed Mumbai is with wedding  reception venues. Some glorify themselves superficially and some genuinely have inbound superlative quality features.

18.99 Latitude Banquets falls in the latter category. When marriage hall rates in Mumbai are skyrocketing, 18.99 Latitude provides you top draw services at reasonable rates. The unique feature that sets 18.99 Latitude Banquets apart is its pillar-less feature. Pillar-less, yes not a single obstruction throughout the entire vista of the hall. The aesthetics of the reception venue get a lift giving you a better view, therefore. Also, if there’s music playing, there’s no absorption of sound, which is soothing to the ear. Hence the pillar-less attribute is one of the things you need to keep in mind while deciding on marriage hall rates in Mumbai.

18.99 Latitude Banquets is also acoustically treated, which means that if you need to host a wedding reception with all the fun and frolic of peppy music, the entire hall will be resonating with delightful melodies. There’s an A/V system in place too, which signifies that if at all one needs to showcase clippings from the wedding ceremony, like the bride and groom on the stage, people snacking, dancing, etc., the A/V system would do its job.

Also, 18.99 Latitude Banquets can be split up into smaller venues, you don’t have to book the entire 20,000 sq. ft. of space, you could book a smaller space that your guests fit into and pay only for the space you have booked. If you have a long guest list and need the entire 20,000 sq. ft. of space, that would be possible too. Hence, flexibility of space also affects marriage hall rates in Mumbai. The location of the reception venue also talks about the price of booking the venue. If it’s located in a plush area, it would be pricy, and the other way round if it’s located within the inner suburbs.



The Most Inviting Marriage Hall in Mumbai

Marriage is one of the most important decisions we make in life. So selecting a marriage hall should be of utmost importance too. For an occasion you’ll remember for the rest of your life, the venue should be as memorable. 18.99 Latitude Banquets is one such place where the significance of a marriage is deeply understood. The place reciprocates with refined service quality that’ll make your marriage reception special.

The place is special on its own account. It is uniquely pillar-less, so that your guests can dance, move around freely, with no hindrance at all. It would be a wonderful vista of celebration. To make it more exquisite, the halls are acoustically treated, so that the music sounds as grand as your wedding. The host’s voice won’t be garbled as well, because of the refined acoustics. There’s also a state-of-the-art A/V system in place, to give the audience a clear view on the big screen.

20,000 sq. ft. of pillar-less space with the preference of opting for smaller venues, gives a multifaceted face to 18.99 Latitude Banquets. For a big audience or small, this is the perfect place. There’s an in-house catering service in place which churns out exquisite cuisine to please every palate. You can opt for the in-house brand Dadi Ma No Vaarso to serve you authentic Gujarati cuisine that’ll give a special culinary touch to the entire occasion. There’s a separate, elaborate Jain kitchen heeding to the food sentiments of the versatile Mumbai crowd, making this the most unique marriage hall in Mumbai.

Marriage hall rates in Mumbai are skyrocketing, but you needn’t worry about booking rates here because we are totally affordable. You don’t have to compromise on quality either as we have incorporated top notch services. 18.99 Latitude Banquets is centrally located in Lower Parel, which makes commuting a breeze.


The Queen of Banquet Halls

Banquet Halls in Mumbai, come in a variety of shapes and sizes these days.  There are the really tiny ones and then there are huge expanses. Some have the edge over others by being air-conditioned, while others have lame fans to air their space. Some have good ceiling height, while others are comparatively dwarfed. Some have parking space, while others have none. When one considers all this, we could say that 18.99 Latitude Banquets, Lower Parel, South Mumbai has carved a niche in the Banquet Hall market.

18.99 Latitude Banquets has a 20000 sq. ft. fully air-conditioned space that’s uniquely pillar-less. Yes, a huge expanse without the hindrance of pillars. Any kind of event hosted here would be special in nature. There are numerous reasons supporting the exclusivity of 18.99 Latitude Banquets. Apart from being pillar-less, it has a state of the art A/V system with four acoustically treated halls and ample parking space. An expanse that  is strategically located at the heart of the city.

Be it a wedding, an engagement, a corporate party or event, this is the place to host it. The height would easily suffice for a stage to be set up, which is a norm in weddings and engagements. There’s ample space to dance because of the pillar-less attribute, so parties could be really rave here.  Videography would be uninterrupted by walls. While hosting events, the interaction between the audience and host would be seamless.

The strategic positioning in South Mumbai, points to the premium nature of the banquet, because of the repertoire of the people that reside in the vicinity and the prices of real estate here. It’s but obvious that 18.99 Latitude Banquets would be frequented by bigwigs and hence our standards of service are well refined to match their taste. To sum up things we could say that 18.99 Latitude Banquets is the superlative form of banquet halls in Mumbai.

A Conference Hall Tuned to Your Needs – Literally

This is the post excerpt.

There are a plethora of conference halls screaming for attention in Mumbai, but something you should lend your ears to, while selecting one, is the actual sound quality that a conference hall offers. Let’s make things clear. When it comes to conferences sound plays a key role, to captivate your audience.

18.99 Latitude Banquets gives you the best of acoustics, so that the audience is tuned in for a crystal clear conference experience, without any hitches. Plug n play, state of the art A/V equipment gives you just the edge you need to boost the morale of your employees or clinch those business deals with clients.

Corporates would find 18.99 Latitude Banquets strategically located, right in the heart of the city, at Lower Parel. Well connected to the rest of the city, this banquet hall has the added quality of being pillar-less. Yes nothing to obstruct the view of the host from the audience; absolute unhindered space. Nor will sound be obstructed, giving you a hassle-free corporate event.

Conference halls in Mumbai rarely provide a fully equipped plug n play experience like 18.99 Latitude Banquets. With an in-house optional catering service and event management service, it’s a one stop shop for your needs. Other than Conferences; Weddings, Sangeets, Music Shows you name it, we host it.

When you have such an uptown venue, it’s obvious that your audience will be cruising-in on four wheels. Parking is ample and we do have a valet if you opt for one. You just need to step on the pedal and step out on the red carpet.

There’s a special Jain kitchen too, so that food sentiments are not hurt. Since Mumbai is a metropolitan city, people from different ethnicities have to be equally taken care of, 18.99 Latitude Banquets deeply considers this. To sum up things, this is a place you need to book in advance so that you don’t lose out and compromise on some other ordinary banquet hall