Party with the Kids

Birthday party venues in Mumbai for kids used to mean McDonald’s, small house parties with chocolate cake and chip or a fun movie plan. Today however, the lists of possibilities are endless. The expectations for kids’ parties have shot through the roof because of different levels of lifestyles. And as the rich raise the bar, the unfortunate middle class parents also face the pressure of having to comply with the ‘norms’.

The latest party trend is definitely a different vibe. Kiddie parties at bars – weird? Not to the moms in Mumbai. The concept of inviting 10 of your closest friends is alien, now the kids want to call their entire class of 40 having a ball but this is causes the mothers to enter panic zone. How does one throw a memorable event for the little ones on a large scale? You certainly cannot fit them in a 2 bedroom apartment and aren’t you over the habit of taking them to an unhealthy and unclean American fast food joint?

That is when the idea of hip pubs and bars came into play. Places like Hard Rock Café are usually perceived as adult joints because of the liquor but that’s no longer the case. A lot of these places have dedicated party packages on certain days which allow the children to run around with space to themselves. The restaurant usually handles the entire organisation as well, starting from food, game hosting and sometimes even a fun art corner. Parents can have a hassle-free time and chill with the adults at the back while the party focuses on the child and what they want. Some places are even more than ideal because they develop a kid menu which makes it even easier for the kids to enjoy the party.

Gone are the days when you rented out function halls and stressed about every party from start to end.


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