Things to Remember

Every couple has their ultimate, never-ending list of tasks for the big day including booking the best wedding halls in Mumbai, finalising every outfit to the last details and figuring out the guest list. But the main questions right at the start is always the ‘when’ and the ‘where’. The days of easy wedding planning is long gone. The venue list previously would simply include banquet halls for weddings or hotels destinations. Choosing the place to celebrate one of the most important days of your life may seem like a simple task, but there are some additional layers to the decision. In order to make this process slightly easier for you couples, here are some rules you should follow:

Planning is everything

It’s important that you have an idea of the basic logistics of your wedding venue, it’ll save you a lot of troubles later on. Figure out how many guests are going to attend and if they’re going to fit comfortably in the place you’re eyeing. And if you have some special events planned that require space like dancing, make sure you visualise that as well. Now there is always the question as to whether you should pick the venue before the guest list or after? But it’s not necessary that you need confirmed answering for both questions, as long as you have a vague idea of the kind of wedding you wish to have and its general size.  Another factor you should consider when picking the place is the weather/ season you’re planning it in.

Check it out beforehand

You and your partner should make it a point to visit the venue at the time y’all are planning to get marries so you have an idea of the weather, the natural and synthetic light, the crowd and scene around the venue, all of this will help you plan and inform your guests efficiently. Getting an idea of how the space is going to be on the day of will aid you in choosing the décor, colour scheme, dress designs, flowers and the overall vibe that would suit it. Music, pace and themes become easier to imagine once you visit the place.

Address every concern

There’s no such thing as too many questions from a customer, that’s you. Every doubt or concern should be voiced and addressed way before the day so as to make sure everything runs according to plan. Discuss the catering, the coordination and the decorations with the concerned people in depth to avoid any mistakes or miscommunication.

These are some of our tips! Hope they help you out when you’re choosing the banquet halls for weddings.


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