Eyeing a Function Hall – Look no More

Function halls in Mumbai are strewn all over the place. They could be found in every nook and corner. How do you lock the perfect affordable wedding venue? Mumbai is a pricy city and finding affordable wedding venues is going to be a tough task. If you seek for cheaper ones you will have to compromise on quality. 18.99 Latitude Banquets is one place where quality meets affordable.

18.99 Latitude Banquets is a fantastic place where you could utilize 20000 sq. ft of space for your weddings and wedding receptions. You could have your wedding here with the Pandit performing the rights of the wedding  in case it’s a Hindu wedding. Thereafter, you could have your reception in the same function hall. There is ample of height to the venue, hence you could set up a stage or a raised podium easily without any hassle.

Also the venue is pillar-less so the entire crowd could view the proceedings on the stage with nothing obstructing them. If the wedding takes place in some religious institution like temples, churches etc. you could always host your reception here. If there is a chance of your guests dancing this is the perfect affordable wedding venue as there are no pillars and people could jive throughout the length and breadth of the floor.The hall is divided into four function halls. You could use all four of them if the need is so. The wedding venue can be divided into smaller venues so that you only end up paying for the space you have rented.

The hall is fully air conditioned so you needn’t worry about heat, rain or dust. It is south Mumbai’s largest affordable wedding venue, centrally located at Lower Parel in Mumbai. There’s ample parking space, hence you need not worry about parking hassles. There’s valet parking in place too, you could opt for valets so that your guests feel all the more special.


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