Conference Halls That Emanate Brilliance

Plug n’ play conference halls in Mumbai are rare to find these days, although there is a plethora of conference halls that are screaming out for attention in the city. The head honchos of companies have a tough time zeroing in one a conference hall in Mumbai. The prime reason being the dearth of quality driven conference halls in Mumbai.

So what’s the best example of a conference hall in Mumbai. 18.99 Latitude Banquets at Lower Parel is the epitome of conference halls in Mumbai. The reason why corporate honchos prefer 18.99 Latitude to other conference halls is because, it has everything required to execute a perfect conference meeting.

18.99 Latitude is a pillar-less conference hall, which means there are no pillars in the entire vista of the hall. Especially when you have a conference, the audience should get a clear view of the speaker on the stage. This criterion is perfectly met by 18.99 Latitude Banquets, where there are no pillars to hinder the view of your guests. Also the clarity of sound is magnified to a great extent. Nothing absorbs the sound, giving you a crystal clear voice of the speaker or host.

Then there’s ample parking space in this conference hall too, wherein your high profile guests will have more than adequate space to park in their luxuries. Moreover, 18.99 Latitude Banquets has enough space to get your biggies parked in, buses and trucks. So if your guests are pooling up in groups, in buses, you could welcome them to park in your turf. If you have equipment coming in trucks, unloading them won’t be a problem. There’s a valet in place at this conference hall too, to greet your guests to extravagance.

When it comes to in-house catering services, 18.99 Latitude banquets provides you a host of culinary options to choose from. With an elaborate menu and a separate Jain kitchen, this place values food sentiments and adheres to them. Located at the heart of the city, 18.99 Latitude Banquets is the best conference hall to host your meetings.


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