The Queen of Banquet Halls

Banquet Halls in Mumbai, come in a variety of shapes and sizes these days.  There are the really tiny ones and then there are huge expanses. Some have the edge over others by being air-conditioned, while others have lame fans to air their space. Some have good ceiling height, while others are comparatively dwarfed. Some have parking space, while others have none. When one considers all this, we could say that 18.99 Latitude Banquets, Lower Parel, South Mumbai has carved a niche in the Banquet Hall market.

18.99 Latitude Banquets has a 20000 sq. ft. fully air-conditioned space that’s uniquely pillar-less. Yes, a huge expanse without the hindrance of pillars. Any kind of event hosted here would be special in nature. There are numerous reasons supporting the exclusivity of 18.99 Latitude Banquets. Apart from being pillar-less, it has a state of the art A/V system with four acoustically treated halls and ample parking space. An expanse that  is strategically located at the heart of the city.

Be it a wedding, an engagement, a corporate party or event, this is the place to host it. The height would easily suffice for a stage to be set up, which is a norm in weddings and engagements. There’s ample space to dance because of the pillar-less attribute, so parties could be really rave here.  Videography would be uninterrupted by walls. While hosting events, the interaction between the audience and host would be seamless.

The strategic positioning in South Mumbai, points to the premium nature of the banquet, because of the repertoire of the people that reside in the vicinity and the prices of real estate here. It’s but obvious that 18.99 Latitude Banquets would be frequented by bigwigs and hence our standards of service are well refined to match their taste. To sum up things we could say that 18.99 Latitude Banquets is the superlative form of banquet halls in Mumbai.


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